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White Quinoa

Of all three quinoa color varieties, white quinoa is the most common.
This is the quinoa that most people know about as it is commonly found in grocery stores, frozen meals, and even in many restaurants.
Of all the quinoa varieties, white quinoa boasts the lightest flavor.
When added as an ingredient in recipes, its light flavor means it will not overpower any other ingredients. Rather, it will simply add a nutty texture and flavor while soaking up the flavor of the seasonings.
It’s lighter and fluffier than the other varieties once cooked. It also cooks quicker and is less crunchy than the other varieties.
White quinoa is, in fact, a bit more tan in color than white. Therefore, it is sometimes called tan quinoa, golden quinoa, yellow quinoa, ivory quinoa, blonde quinoa, or simply quinoa (since it’s the most common variety).